Interfaith and Interchurch Dialogue: How are they Different?

Many Christians today consider dialogue and cooperation with people of other faiths as at least as pressing an issue as the search for unity between Christians of different traditions. The Christian Unity Commission of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark held its first online conference on 30 November. This event was organised to help us to learn more about the contribution that the Roman Catholic Church makes to interfaith activity in London (north and south).

The event was recorded on Zoom and can be watched here: Unity Commission Zoom Conference November 2020 – YouTube

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021

Resources are available to download for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021, traditionally held between 18-25 January. Materials have been prepared by the Monastic Community of Grandchamp in Switzerland. 

Please click here to download them.

Scripture – a Uniting Gift?

The Society for Ecumenical Studies held a webinar on Wednesday 14 October with three distinguished speakers who reflected on approaches to Scripture in their own tradition. You can watch the video and download the papers on the CTE website.

The Spiritual Health of the Nation

The Society for Ecumenical Studies hosted its final, very interesting, Coronavirus-related webinar on Tuesday 15 September. COVID has been a time of huge upheaval and an opportunity for soul-searching – what are we learning as individuals and as society?